Yamaha TSX-140 Desktop Audio System

by Johan on December 1, 2010

The new Yamaha TSX-140 desktop audio system is designed to provide users a multitude of functions and features. The docking station is compatible with Apple’s iPod touch and iPhone (3G/3GS/4). With its twin 8 cm speakers, bass-reflex port and Yamaha’s own 15W + 15W digital amplifier, the TSX-140 delivers superlative sound and surprising volume through Concert Quality Sound, a proprietary Yamaha concept that virtually eliminates all unnecessary noise and distortion. The stereo audio field appears much larger thanks to Extended Stereo created by the Yamaha DSP technology. Additionally, Yamaha’s proprietary Music Enhancer software adds depth and excitement to compressed programme material. And at the touch of a button, the three front panel controls become a parametric equalizer, allowing you to trim the audio for your preference and location. The Yamaha TSX-140 retails for $399.95 a pop. [Yamaha]

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