Yamaha PDX-31 iPod And iPhone Docking Station

by Johan on October 26, 2010

The Yamaha PDX-31 speaker dock provides a 30-pin dock connector for iPod or iPhone and an auxiliary input for other devices. Available in dark red, black and light gray, the Yamaha PDX-31 comes equipped with the Yamaha digital amplifier that produces a superior sound quality and low noise distortions. This docking station also features an “box-within-a-box” construction and twin 3 1/4 -inch speakers to provide rich dynamic bass response for a powerful and clean sound. The Yamaha PDX-31 has an Auto Power Off feature, which automatically powers the unit off after a certain amount of time to conserve energy. What makes the Yamaha PDX-31 more special is that it remembers the volume level when you remove your portable device, so the next time you dock it, the volume is set to that level. The Yamaha PDX-31 retails for $169.95 a pop. [Softpedia]

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