What To Do With Your Dead iPod?

by Johan on July 5, 2006

What To Do With Your Dead iPod?

Kirk McElhearn, a freelance writer, has posted an informative article with ideas of what to do with a dead iPod. He said:

You’ll now have a totally empty iPod, ready for use as a hard disk. Just unmount it (click the arrow next to its name in the iTunes Source list), and, the next time you connect it, the iPod will power up and mount on your computer. (You’ll need to connect it to a powered USB or FireWire port–depending on the model–in order for it to work as a hard disk. But as long as it gets power from your computer, it will spin, and you can copy files to and from it.) Many people (unfortunately) never back up files from their computers, then, when something goes wrong, complain about losing all their hard work. With an old iPod as a backup drive, you have no excuse–just connect it, copy your personal files, then unmount it. Depending on its capacity, you may have a small drive for a handful of files, or as much as 40 GB of disk space to store your photos, music and videos. (Yes, there are 60 GB iPods, but they are too recent to have dead batteries. I hope…)

You must read this article if you have had iPods for several years. I just want to remind you that your iPods have a limited life-span, like all electronic devices. They will go to trash can hard drive heaven.

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