The Cambridge SoundWorks Radio CD 745i

by Johan on April 3, 2007

The Cambridge SoundWorks Radio CD 745i

The SoundWorks Radio CD 745i from Cambridge Soundworks is a new iPod-compatible sound system which comes equipped with a Universal Dock for iPod. The device also features an auxiliary input for connecting other audio sources, a built-in AM/FM radio, and a CD player that sports both audio CDs and MP3/WMA. Other specs include dual alarms, and 2.1 sound with a powered subwoofer. The remote control is also included. The SoundWorks Radio CD 745i sells for $399.99.

Best of all, our SoundWorks Radio CD 745i reproduces music at its best – whether listening to an iPod, AM or FM radio, a CD, or other audio source. Featuring Cambridge SoundWorks’ award-winning, signature 2.1 speaker design, including built-in powered subwoofer driven by a frequency-contoured amplifier, it provides terrific bass response no other table radio can match. Our high-performance table radios prove you truly can get big sound in a small package.

Via Cambridge SoundWorks

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