Sony B130F MP3 Player Review Video

by Johan on October 7, 2008

Sony B130F MP3 Player Review Video

Anything But iPod has reviewed the Sony B130F MP3 Player. Priced at $60 for 2GB model, the gadget comes with an integrated USB connector and offers a good sound quality. Unfortunately, it lacks of the color screen. Here is a verdict.

For stick players and other similar small players there isn’t much difference in features from one to another so it’s all about how well the features work. The Clip has been the king of this market for ages and the B130F is the closest I’ve seen of a competitor so far, but the awfully slow scrolling speed effectively destroys it’s quest for the throne. The build quality is awesome, the USB connector is very useful, it sounds very good and actually has a usable radio but it’s simply way too slow if you browse individual songs a lot. If not then it’s still a good choice and is worth considering. Price wise it’s not too bad either even though $60 for 2GB is a bit high compared to the Clip and the Stone Plus. All in all a good player with some noticeable flaws, but nothing that renders it totally unusable.

Watch the review video after the jump to get more info. [AnythingButiPod]

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