SL-NE3 Neck Strap Earphone For iPod Nano

by Johan on July 14, 2006

SL-NE3 Neck Strap Earphone For iPod Nano

iSonic has produced a new accessory for iPod nano owners, the SL-NE3 Neck Strap Earphone. It has 3 layers of silicon on the ear bud which gives you comfort as well as reducing the noise ratio to 28db. The strap is made of a dust-proof silicon rubber. This earphone has a playback frequency zone of 6Hz~23,000Hz, largest input of 20mW, and sensitivity of 106dB/mW. It is available in two different colors, black and white. SL-NE3 weights 18 grams and comes with the price of 4,000 Yen or around USD 35.

Via MobileWhack.

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