Shades Cases, Ultrathin for your pleasure

by Mr. Roboto on October 27, 2007

Shades Cases

We received a very interesting press-release email from the Head Honcho of ShadesCases Inc. today about Shades Cases. With .4mm thin and 0.5oz weight including the built-in ultra clear screen and full click-wheel protection, you won’t even feel it while fondling your iPod. Available in 10 different colors for iPod Classic and 9 other colors for iPod nano 3rd Gen, Feel free to choose which suits your mood the best. You also get the chance to win free “Shades” iPod Cases, a 8GB nano3G, and a Free 8GB iPhone by entering the contest here. Its retail price starts at $16.95 for the classic and $14.95 for the nano.

Shades Cases

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