Samsung TicToc (YP-S1) Hits Russia

by Johan on August 26, 2010

Samsung TicToc (YP-S1) Hits Russia

Samsung has decided to launch the TicToc (YP-S1) in the Russian market. The small and colorful MP3 player can play MP3/WMA/OGG/FLAC files and features DNSe 3.0 for enhancing audio quality. What makes this gadget more special is that it has an accelerometer. Pressing a button on the player and shaking it vertically will increase or decrease the volume or shake it horizontally to change the song. Available in pink, blue, black and a Hello kitty version, the 2GB Samsung TicToc will be shipped in Russia in September 2010 for 1,890 rubles ($61). [SamsungHub]

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