Samsung Releases New Soundbars And iPhone Dock

by Johan on March 12, 2010

Samsung Releases New Soundbars And iPhone Dock

Samsung is ready to launch two new soundbars in the form of the HW-C450 and HW-C451. The former is a 2.1-channel system that comes in black, while the latter is available in silver. Both systems support Touch of Color design, a 280W power rating, and grill-less speakers and wireless subwoofers. Samsung will also release a docking station called the HT-WDC10 wireless iPhone/iPod dock. Samsung will also release its HT-WDC10 wireless iPod/iPhone dock. The HW-C450 and HW-C451 are priced at $349.99 each, while the HT-WDC10 will be released in May 2010 for $149.99. [Press Release]

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