NewsGator Mobile – RSS Reader For Apple iPhone

by Johan on July 25, 2007

NewsGator Mobile - RSS Reader For Apple iPhone

NewsGator Technologies, the leading RSS company, has released its NewsGator Mobile for Apple iPhone. It is a web-based RSS reader designed especially for the iPhone. The reader allows users to read RSS feeds and mark items as read while they’re on the go. NewsGator Mobile for iPhone also supports online synchronization with popular desktop-based RSS readers FeedDemon for PC and NetNewsWire for Mac. Juts remember that a free NewsGator Online account is required.

The beauty of NewsGator’s new mobile-optimized, Web-based feed reader isn’t just that it works well with an iPhone – it’s that it syncs my subscription list, including which messages I’ve already read, with NetNewsWire on my Mac,” said John Gruber of Daring Fireball, a top Apple-focused blog.


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