Multifunctional Dock Speakers For Apple iPods

by Johan on December 20, 2006

Multifunctional Dock Speakers For Sony PSP, iPods, and Cellphones

I can guarantee this docking station will fit your iPod, PSP, and most of cell phones in the market today. This Brando’s docking station allows you to play music on larger speakers than the type of technology you carry around.

FYI, every product package includes the dock stage, dock adapters for Nokia, Sony Ericsson, iPod, and PSP, the USB kit, 3.5mm cable, the universal power and transformer.

I think this new toy from Brando will sell like hotcakes since most of us have a cell phone, an iPod, or PSP. Plus! It’s round, circular design, and attractive color is compatible with any room or decor. $58.00 is the price for you to pay!

Via Slashphone, image from Mobile-Brando

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