More Info About iRiver Smart HD

by Johan on January 19, 2010

More Info About iRiver Smart HD

The iRiver K1 or Smart HD has been introduced at CES 2010. The company has officially confirmed this PMP. The Smart HD will come in four different flavors dubbed the Basic Edition, DMB Edition, Edu Edition, and the DMB-WiFi edition.

  • Basic Edition: Available in 8GB.
  • DMB Edition: Available in 8GB with the added benefit of DMB.
  • Edu Edition: Available in 16GB featuring an in-built dictionary in 11 different languages.
  • DMB-WiFi Edition: Available in a 16GB capacity featuring both DMB and WiFi.

The gadget provides 18 hours of continuous audio playback or 6 hours of continuous video playback. Additional features incorporated into the device include an FM tuner, a picture browser, a voice recorder, flash 3 support, an address book, a calendar, and an Outlook synchronization. [IMP3]

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