Macally Tunepro iPod Dock: Immersive 3D Audio

by Gizmo Girl on August 8, 2007

Macally Tunepro iPod Dock: Immersive 3D Audio
Looks like Macally is aiming for a bigger piece of the iPod speaker system market. The company recently introduced the Tunepro unit which also doubles as a clock radio. Based on NXT loudspeaker technology, the system features immersive 3d audio from its SRS WOW audio processing, although the exact amount of power behind it wasn’t clear. Usually designed for iPods with a 30-pin dock connector, it graciously comes with a standard in-line jack that allows you to use other devices, bundled with three iPod inserts for a nice fit for any iPod. Sound appealing? You can purchase one of these for $130.00. Unfortunately, iPhone users are going to have to wait until Q4 2007 for an iPhone compatible version.

Link via The Gadget Blog

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