Logic3 LCD ProDock For iPods

by Johan on May 27, 2010

Logic3 has released a new TV-output dock for the iPhones and iPods, the LCD ProDock. The device views any video content or picture slideshows from your iPhone, iPod touch, iPod nano and iPod classic directly to a TV via Composite or higher-end component connections. An A/V audio connection also allows audio playback via your Hi-Fi system. What makes the Logic3 LCD ProDock more special is that it comes equipped with a remote control unit with an integrated color display which will synchronize with the iPhone/iPod, so that you can check out iPod or iPhone’s menus on the remote from a distance. What’s more, the remote is RF-based, supporting control up to 10 meters away with no line-of-sight requirements. You can purchase the Logic3 LCD ProDock for around $115 each. [Logic3]

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