Latest Yamaha Audio Systems

by Johan on October 4, 2008

Yamaha Audio Systems With iPod Dock

The Yamaha MCS-1330 Audio Systems come equipped with an iPod dock and features two 60W RMS power outputs, an amplifier, a CD player, 2.5cm tweeters and 13cm woofer. There is also a USB port to connect with other portable devices. Yamaha also releases another audio systems in the form of the MCR-330, MCR-230, and the CRX-430. Both MCR-330 and MCR-230 feature the same specifications including 2 x 20W RMS power outputs, the CD player, USB and iPod ports. Meanwhile, the CRX-430 provides two 25W RMS power outputs. The Yamaha MCS-1330, MCR-330, MCR-230 and CRX-430 are priced at approx. €800, €250, €230 and €220, respectively. [TechDigest]

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