Kensington QuickSeek iPod FM Transmitter

by Johan on May 15, 2007

Kensington QuickSeek iPod FM Transmitter

Kensington has introduced the QuickSeek iPod FM transmitter. Using ClearFM technology, the device finds the clearest FM station for transmitting iPod tunes through a radio within seconds, improving transmission quality and convenience. Using this device, you can enjoy your favorite music with crisp and clear sound. Priced at $89.99, the QuickSeek also sports a detachable car charger cable and three station pre-sets. Read the list of features after the jump!

Via iLounge

List of Features

* FM transmitter and charger play iPod tunes through the FM radio in your car or wirelessly through your home stereo
* QuickSeek™ technology finds the best FM signal in seconds making tuning easier than ever
* ClearFM™ technology reduces noise and enhances audio quality
* Charges your iPod while it plays through your car stereo
* Detachable car charger also recharges USB powered devices, such as mobile or smartphones, PDA’s and more
* 3 programmable pre-set buttons and the bright display let you store available FM stations quickly and easily
* Detachable spacer to give customized fit with iPod models in a case
* Works with all full-size iPod models, including iPod nano

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