iRiver K1 At CES 2010

by Johan on January 8, 2010

iRiver K1 At CES 2010

iRiver has introduced the K1 at CES 2010. FYI, the K1 is actually the company’s internal product codename and in fact, the product will be sold as the iRiver Smart HD. The gadget features a 3.5-inch screen (480 × 320 pixels) and supports for MKV, Mpeg4, XVID, WMV, and H.264 video formats and a host of other HD formats. The iRiver K1 also supports WiFi 802.11g for use with the player’s Internet browser. Other specs include a DMB-TV tuner, an FM tuner, an e-book reader, a calculator, a voice recorder and a host of other applications. iRiver will release the iRiver Smart HD at the end of January 2010. [ITtoday]

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