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Microsoft Zune

16GB Zune HD PMP Price Cut

by Johan on May 4, 2011

16GB Zune HD PMP Price Cut

Here is good news for you. The 16GB Zune HD PMP from Microsoft has received a $30 discount. The 16GB Zune HD is now available for $169. Meanwhile, the 32GB Zune HD PMP retails for $199, which is nearly $100 cheaper than the $299 32GB Apple iPod touch. Stay tuned for more updates. [Ubergizmo]

iHome has announced their newest docking station ‘ZN90B’ which is designed specifically for your Zune or Zune HD. The system is equipped with an extra-large LED backlit display with dimmer, a built-in Zune dock, an AM/FM radio tuner and a dual alarm clock function that can wake you up with music from your Zune, the radio or a buzzer mode. The iHome ZN90B is now available for pre-order for $99.99. [iHome]

Kicker ZKick ZK350 Zune Dock Review

by Johan on May 22, 2010

Kicker ZKick ZK350 Zune Dock Review

AnythingButiPod has a comprehensive review of the Kicker ZKick ZK350 Zune dock. In case you didn’t know, the Kicker zKick ZK350 is a digital stereo system that comes equipped with a Zune dock for playback of your Zune player’s music content in your home. The ZK350 boasts dual 4-inch drivers and 1/2-inch Mylar tweeters driven by a powerful stereo amplifier with digital signal processing. The 4.5-inch subwoofer also adds low-frequency bass response. Additionally, this Zune docking station provides a wide-range of connectivity options such as stereo RCA outputs, a Composite video output, and a 1/8-inch stereo auxiliary input for incorporating additional audio devices with the ZK350 Stereo System. Here is the verdict:

I have used nearly every Zune dock on the market and so far this one is my personal favorite since it combines great sound with portability. The ZK500 certainly does hit harder and louder, but for an 1100 square foot apartment, the ZK350 is way more than enough. I might lean more towards the ZK500 if I were using it outside or didn’t have neighbors to upset. Either way the ZK350 is a great option in the ZKick series of Zune docks.

You can purchase the Kicker ZKick ZK350 Zune dock for only $142.86 at Amazon. [AnythingButiPod]

Microsoft Zune HD Hacked

by Johan on April 19, 2010

Microsoft Zune HD Hacked

ZuneBoards has reported that the new Zune HD portable media player has been hacked by a group of indie developers. Available for all versions of the Zune, the hack, titled OpenZDK, provides developers “access to everything XNA withheld before” such as emulators, homebrew 3D games, ports of classic games, app stores, and much more. [Techtree]

Zune HD 64GB Available Now

by Isaiah on April 9, 2010

Microsoft has officially announced the availability of the Zune HD 64GB. The device is now available for purchase via Zune’s online store for $349.99. Grab yours now! [CrunchGear]

Microsoft Releases Firmware v4.5 For Zune

by Johan on April 5, 2010

Microsoft has recently released the new firmware update v4.5 for the Zune HD. The new firmware update adds several improvements to the gadget including Smart DJ mix, personalized recommendations, and Marketplace support for TV. The Smart DJ is a catch-up feature to the iPod’s Genius technology that allows users to stream content from the Zune Marketplace. In addition, Microsoft has also confirmed the availability of the 64GB Zune HD PMP. The 64GB Zune HD retails for $349.99, which is cheaper than the 64GB iPod Touch. Watch the video after the jump. [Playerbites]

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