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Touchscreen iPods in December - Zune Killer???

Trusted Reviews told us that the 6G iPod will be released in December, and it will be capable of 480p resolution. The source also confirmed that the next iPod generation will have a touch screen model with virtual click wheel control, but made no mention of whether wireless connectivity would be part of the package. The Microsoft Zune with its old-fashioned 4×3 display screen and crippled WiFi will be slam-dunked!

Via TrustedReviews.

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Red iPod Nano Rumor Confirmed

by Johan on October 13, 2006

Red iPod Nano Rumor Confirmed

Rumors of a red iPod nano will transform into fact as Bono lifts the curtain on the red version of Apple’s second-generation iPod nano on national TV. Apple has agreed to maintain the US$199 price tag for the new red iPod nano, donating US$10 to the Product RED Charity for each red iPod nano sold which will then be used to help women and children in Africa whose lives have been wrecked by the HIV/AIDS epidemic. This news comes after Motorola unveiled a Red RAZR.

Via Appleinsider.

New iPod Shuffle

by Johan on September 12, 2006

New iPod Shuffle

Apple has released its all-new 2nd generation iPod Shuffle. With just 0.55 ounces, it boasts 1GB of memory, USB connectivity, and up to 12 hours of continuous playback time. This new generation of iPod Shuffle will retail at US$79.00 when released this October, 2006.

Via Apple.

iPod Watch Concept

by Johan on July 16, 2006

iPod Watch Concept

This iPod concept is designed by Peter Burns which is called iWatch or an iPod which looks like a wristwatch. iWatch is imagined as an iPod which has a 10GB memory capacity and Bluetooth-enabled earphones. There is no info about availability and pricing.

Via Coroflot.

GEAR4 iPod AV Connection Kit

by Johan on July 6, 2006


Check out for this GEAR4 AV connection kit for the iPod! This iPod dock synchronizes with your PC’s music library via a USB port when linked, and the ability to plug the dock into any TV or stereo and listen and view the iPod’s content from there. GEAR4 also includes a simple remote control with the ability to control movie playback as well as slideshows with just a few simple touches of a button. Grab this iPod dock today at Gear4 for £49.99.

Via Gear4 Store.

What To Do With Your Dead iPod?

by Johan on July 5, 2006

What To Do With Your Dead iPod?

Kirk McElhearn, a freelance writer, has posted an informative article with ideas of what to do with a dead iPod. He said:

You’ll now have a totally empty iPod, ready for use as a hard disk. Just unmount it (click the arrow next to its name in the iTunes Source list), and, the next time you connect it, the iPod will power up and mount on your computer. (You’ll need to connect it to a powered USB or FireWire port–depending on the model–in order for it to work as a hard disk. But as long as it gets power from your computer, it will spin, and you can copy files to and from it.) Many people (unfortunately) never back up files from their computers, then, when something goes wrong, complain about losing all their hard work. With an old iPod as a backup drive, you have no excuse–just connect it, copy your personal files, then unmount it. Depending on its capacity, you may have a small drive for a handful of files, or as much as 40 GB of disk space to store your photos, music and videos. (Yes, there are 60 GB iPods, but they are too recent to have dead batteries. I hope…)

You must read this article if you have had iPods for several years. I just want to remind you that your iPods have a limited life-span, like all electronic devices. They will go to trash can hard drive heaven.

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