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Elecom EHP-BIN20 Earphones For iPod Touch

by Johan on March 3, 2011

The Elecom EHP-BIN20 earphones deliver crisp, clear, low distortion sound with a wide dynamic range thanks to its high-quality 9.5mm diameter drivers. These earphones are available in three high-fashion colors. The Elecom EHP-BIN20 earphones feature a frequency response of 20Hz – 20,000Hz, a maximum power input or 100 mW, a sensitivity of 100 dB/mW at 1kHz and an impedance of 16 Ohms. $32.25 is all you need to bring home these fancy earphones. Read more

Hasbro is ready to release its new My3D accessory for the iPhone and iPod touch. The My3D is a new accessory that attaches to the iPhone or iPod touch, allowing users to view 3D content. Users will slide their device into a slot in the My 3D, which resembles a pair of binoculars, and will view the device’s screen through the two eyepieces. Hasbro’s My3D accessory for the iPhone and iPod touch is expected to launch next Spring for $30 each. [iLounge]

Colorware iPod Touch 4G

by Johan on October 11, 2010

Colorware iPod Touch 4G

Colorware allows you to customize your iPod Touch 4G. ColorWare’s design studio is easy to use and will allow you to customize the body, button and even the earbuds. You can also play videos, see images, and use our interactive 360 section to see every corner of the product. ColorWare can help you completely personalize your Touch in a way that reflects your sense of style. You can send your iPod Touch 4G to Colorware and they will customize it according to your favorite colors for just $150 each. You can also buy the customized iPod Touch 4G from Colorware for $380 a pop. [Colorware]

Apple’s latest generation of iPod touch has the same front facing camera, a retina display, a rear HD camera, and an A4 processor as the iPhone 4. The forward-facing camera and a microphone allow you to do FaceTime with other iPod touch and iPhone 4 owners. The new iPod touch also features the Game Center app, an Apple’s social networking application for game players. With the App Store on iPod touch, you have access to the world’s largest catalog of apps with over 250,000 apps, including over 65,000 game and entertainment titles to choose from. Available in 8GB, 32GB and 64GB of storage space, the new iPod touch are priced at $229, $299, and $399, respectively. Read more

Upcoming 4G iPod Touch

by Johan on August 30, 2010

Word has it that the upcoming 4G iPod Touch will take inspiration from the Macbook Pro. The back of the 4G iPod Touch will reportedly sport a design similar to the top of a Macbook Pro, only smaller. The next generation of iPod Touch will be launched on September 1st, 2010 at Apple’s event in San Fancisco. Stay tuned for more updates. [PMPToday]

iPod Touch With Camera Leaked

by Isaiah on May 19, 2010

Vietnam-based website Tinhte has managed to get the first picture and video of the next generation iPod Touch. According to them, the device will sport a 2-megapixel camera and a 64GB of storage space. Unfortunately, it’s only a prototype at this stage, as you could see it has a DVT-1 (Design Verification Test 1) label on the back, meaning it’s an early design verification test unit in the evolution of product testing. Watch the video after the break. Read more

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