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Pocket Pal MP3 Player Concept

by Gizmo Girl on May 8, 2008

Pocket Pal MP3 Player Concept

Heres a cool concept called the Pocket Pal MP3 player concept which features an interface on the outside that controls your tunes in your pocket without having to reach inside. It’s a concept for a control interface using a magnetic knob which can be removed and placed outside your pocket to control the volume and skip tracks. It can be implemented using hemispherical oriented magnets and existing magnetic field sensors. [Gizmo Watch]

Egg Speaker Charger Concept

by Johan on May 7, 2008

Egg Speaker Charger Concept

Nathan Gabriele has creatively designed this Egg Speaker Charger Concept. You can ‘Crack’ this egg shell and two pieces become your satellite speakers while the base acts as a subwoofer. The base also features an iPod dock. The “egg” also comes with a neoprene jacket. [Yanko] Read more

Musipen Concept MP3 Player

by Jeremiah on July 9, 2007

Musipen, The Future MP3 Player

This Musipen MP3 player is fresh out of the design room with a rounded glowing screen, twisty-knob controls, and a gorgeous power button. Designed by Chris Williams, this gadget is exceptionally innovative, freeing us from the limitations of today’s boring imitations and unoriginality.

Not only does the cylindrical form of the Musipen allow an increased screen space, but consequently the controls are very simple. Twisting and sliding each edge of the player navigates through menus and adjusts volume. The imaginative design would certainly provide a welcome change to the MP3 player industry.

More pics after the jump, including that of a cute bird wearing the Musipen.


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