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MP3 Mirror For The Bathroom Singer

by Isaiah on January 30, 2009

MP3 mirror

Here’s a great device for those of you who love to sing while in the bathroom, presenting the MP3 mirror by Antonio Lupi. It offers an innovative system of mirror equipped with a music diffusion system with the incorporated base for the MP3 reader. The system will work with any mirror that has a steel frame, it also features the touch-sensitive LED on/off switch which is located conveniently on the bottom of the mirror so you’ll be able to find it even in the darkness. Sadly, there’s still no word on pricing and availability yet. [NewLaunches]

Soma MP3 Player

by Isaiah on January 26, 2009

Soma MP3 Player

‘Soma’ is another revolutionary mp3 player by Andrew Seunghyun Kim. It comes with a unique and fluid shape creating an intrinsic and natural feeling. The Soma will present two screens – a 3.5-inch touch LCD to display key info and a secondary display with 3 buttons below the larger screen to add an analog to the UI and enhance the navigation. The touch sensitive mp3 flaunts a whopping 32GB memory and an analog user interface, capable of displaying the applications, with their features, on the clothesline. Though it’s still a concept at this stage, hopefully it will come into production soon. [Core77]

Music Drop Player Concept Design

by Isaiah on January 19, 2009

Music Drop Player

Here’s another nice looking conceptual music player ‘Music Drop Player’, so named because of its raindrop shape. It combines an MP3 player with a projector as its display that shows off various song information including artist name, song title and song length. The projector would be bright enough to show on almost any surface like walls, tables, or even your own hand when you’re traveling. Unfortunately, it’s just a concept at this stage, perhaps we’ll be seeing it in the near future. [Ubergizmo]

Transparent Audio Player On Your Wrist

by Martin Lee on January 19, 2009

Transparent Audio Player On Your Wrist

This futuristic concept is a transparent music player that slaps onto your wrist. But, something like this would probably take years to materialize and even longer to catch on. You can imagine it to be paired with a concert performance earphones, that would make a bombastic experience in all of your trip. To justify that Mac includes a built-in mic that helps locate and play a song on your playlist, once you hum the tune into it. Well, it is a big dream from Mac Funamizu the designer of this unique gadget. [Yankodesign]

Solar Powered Solar Panel Sun Glasses

by Martin Lee on December 27, 2008

Solar Powered Solar Panel Sun Glasses

This cool sun glasses is designed by Hyun-Joong Kim & Kwang-Seok Jeong in order to power your pocketable gadgets. The SIG (Self-Energy Converting Sunglasses) are quite simple. The lenses of the glasses have dye solar cells, collecting energy and making it able to power your small devices through the power jack at the back of the frame. Do you want one? [Engadget]

Digit MP3 Player Concept with Wireless Stereo HeadSet

Designed by Nuno Teixeira, the ultra slim Digit MP3 Player concept is a user friendly gadget concept that comes equipped with a wireless stereo headset and 20GB of built-in memory. See more pictures after the jump. [Yanko] Read more

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