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Wells Smart Mini Kettle And Water Purifier Concept With iPod Dock

Designed by Sang Keun Sim and Kyowon L&C Design Lab, the Wells Smart Mini is a combination of a water purifier, an electric kettle and an iPod dock. The Wells Smart Mini is ideal for use in small offices or apartments. Find out more pictures after the jump. Read more

Jason Farsai’s Bose iQ Docking Station

by Johan on December 1, 2011

Jason Farsai Bose iQ Docking Station

Jason Farsai has designed the Bose iQ docking station. It is claimed as the world’s first multi iPod dock that works like a jukebox. The Bose iQ is equipped with five docks that allow you to queue up songs from several iPods. There is also an OLED screen that shows the album art of the upcoming songs. It is a cool concept that will hopefully hit the light of production. [coroflot]

Glocke Craddle For MP3 Player

by Johan on August 1, 2011

Glocke Craddle For MP3 Player

The Glocke is a unique cradle for an MP3 player. Inspired by the Korean Buddhist Bell, the cradle works on the principle of resonance and amplifies sound, spreading its outreach. The Glocke amplifies the low sound using the glass cylinder and glossy plastic body to full effect. There are also LED lamps that glow according to the volume of the music. For your info, the Glocke is a 2011 Sparks Awards Bronze winner. More pictures after the jump. Read more

Genie MP3 Player Concept

by Johan on June 18, 2011

Genie MP3 Player

Designed by Jiyoun Kim, the Genie is an MP3 player concept that automatically plays music according to your mood. The player features a unique design that looks like a sculpture. The conical shape helps radiates sound and eliminates the need for traditional speaker grills. See more pictures after the jump. Read more

GROOVESTRAP Turns Your External HDD Into An MP3 Player

Designed by Jaineel Shah, the GROOVESTRAP converts an external 2.5-inch hard disk drive into an MP3 player. The device features a couple of knobs to control for volume and track shifting. Too bad, it is only a concept so far. Read more

Sony Eclipse Solar Media Player

by Johan on October 4, 2010

Designers Hoang M Nguyen and Anh Nguyen have creatively designed the Sony Eclipse Solar Media Player that uses the photovoltaic cells on its backside to draw in solar power and sticks onto the window via a suction cup. There is also an Eclipse App for Android and iPhone users that provides interesting screen savers as you play your favorite songs. Sadly, the Sony Eclipse is only a concept at this time. Read more

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