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DLO HomeDock Deluxe

by FreshEffect on May 22, 2006

DLO HomeDock Deluxe

Here’s the newest accesory for the very popular iPod. The DLO HomeDock Deluxe enables the user to view and access the iPod through the television.The HomeDock Deluxe has standard RCA and S-Video connections, and also features a USB 2.0 port for syncing with a computer. The HomeDock Deluxe works with all iPods excluding the 3G version. The HomeDock Deluxe is available here for $150. Via Uncrate.

Woody Cooler Bag

by FreshEffect on May 1, 2006

Woody Cooler Bag

The Woody Cool Tunes Cooler bag features a retro type of look to it but with all the modern gadgets. This bag can keep up to eight cans cold and play music at the same time. For music, this bag comes with a built-in AM/FM radio with speakers, as well as a port to plug in an iPod or CD player. To power it, it only needs 4 AA batteries. Via New Launches.

XtremeMac MicroBlast for Apple iPod Nano

by FreshEffect on April 18, 2006

XtremeMac MicroBlast for Apple iPod
Here’s the latest iPod Nano speakers from the XtremeMac. The MicroBlast speakers make listening to music even better for all iPod users. The MicroBlast conveniently charges the iPod and plays crystal clear music at the same time. This speaker system runs on batteries or uses the included AC adapter. XtremeMac’s MicroBlast can be bought here for $120. Via Uncrate.

eMagin iPod Video glasses

by Johnick on April 17, 2006

eMagin eyebud iPod video glasses

Now you can walk and watch video on your iPod without using your hands to hold the iPod. The new eMagin EyeBud 800 feel like any other glasses, except that they have a band type holder that goes all around your head that allow you to watch video from your iPod. The glasses are expected to be priced around $500; availability dates are yet to be announced. Info via I4U.

iHome Dock for iPod

by FreshEffect on April 14, 2006


Here’s the latest iPod accessory from the Japan based manufacturer, M-Infotech. This device combines the much needed alarm clock and a charging base for the iPod, not to mention the 3W speakers which is plenty for a small room and only requires 2 AA batteries. Via New Launches.

Apple retools new video iPod

by Jeremiah on April 13, 2006

Next Generation Video iPod

Is it really coming, have the rumors been true? Afraid not. Think Secret speculated back in February that Apple would launch their next generation video iPod around this month following Apple’s 30th birthday. Well the birthday passed quietly without any fanfare. Now they speculate Apple is waiting for the next happy and merry season come Q4. Looks like a few more months of waiting, but it could be worth it:

Apple’s true video iPod intentions will include a wide-screen display spanning the entire front of the iPod with a touch screen interface that is being billed by Apple as a “virtual track wheel.” The larger, widescreen display will deliver an improved video viewing experience and herald the arrival of feature-length movie sales as the iTunes Music Store.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Via Think Secret.

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