Ingenious Audio iTraveler Loudspeaker System

by Johan on July 19, 2010

Ingenious Audio iTraveler Loudspeaker System

The Ingenious Audio iTraveler loudspeaker system is ideal for travelers who want to enjoy the high quality sound on the move. Designed to work with iPod and other MP3 players, the iTraveler consists of two separate powered stereo speakers offering amazing sound quality. These components feature powerful neodymium magnets drivers that are equalized to produce an extremely flat frequency response. The iTraveler speaker system is powered by a NiMh rechargeable battery system that provides enough juice for up to 12-hour of playback time. Ingenious Audio’s iTraveler is priced at 249 Euros or approx. $325. Additionally, the company has also released the iBag, which is designed to carry iTraveler speakers. [Fashion Times]

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