iDock Tube Amp Does What Other Docks Don’t

by Gizmo Girl on August 13, 2007

iPod Dock Tube Amp

The ITPA-220 is an affordable analog iPod dock for 5th-Generation iPods. It comes with the standard iPod compatible docking station and charger. The tube preamplifier has video output specifically for video iPods, dual 6N3 Tubes for warm analog sound, and Auxillary input for other audio devices like computers and non-Apple music players, etc. Active speakers feature 2X20 W amplifier, 4″ mid-bass drive and 1″ dome tweeter for good range. The wood acoustic-like structure enhances the audio quality, bass reflex port gives it a better bass response. This Tube amp costs $299, but wont be available until September. However you can pre-order it on the Dice website.


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