iDisguise – Hide Your iPods in a Unique Way

by Johan on November 2, 2006

iDisguise Safeguards Your iPods in a Unique Way

There is always the fear of losing your precious iPod to the thief round the corner. So you should hide it or pocket it. Using iDisguise to hide your iPod, the thief will never guess that the unsuspecting candy tin actually houses your iPod. The iDisguise seems to be a smart product. The benefit of the case is that it will protect the iPod from drops and scratches, whether in your car, locker, bag, desk, or dorm room. The cases are made of high quality tin metal and lined with a high density EVA foam to securely hold your Nano in place. The finger notch in the foam allows for an easy way to remove the iPod. Some additional cases are in development that will suit other iPod models. The Peppermint and Wintergreen cases are available for US$14.95 at iDisguise.

Via Newlaunches.

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