EOps i24R3 Wireless Multi-Room Speaker System

by Johan on November 10, 2008

EOps i24R3 Wireless Multi-Room Speaker System

Michael Young has collaborated with EOps on the new wireless multi-room speaker system in the form of the EOps i24R3. The wireless gesture controlled multi-room speaker system is perfect for iPod, iPhone 3G, iMac, and PC and comes with a high gloss white aluminum design. The EOps i24R3 consists of a Universal Dock for iPods and iPhones, a 4 inch 40W subwoofer, and wireless 3 inch 20W satellite speakers. This wireless speaker also boasts motion sensors allowing user to control volume settings with the hand gestures. The EOps i24R3 Wireless Gesture Controlled Multi Room Speaker System is set for release sometime in 2009. No word on pricing at this time. [Product Page]

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