Enjoy Music On The Go With Buffalo’s Wooden iPod Speaker

by Johan on November 24, 2009

Buffalo's Portable Wooden iPod Speaker

Buffalo Japan has launched a portable wooden speaker for iPod that allows you to enjoy your favorite music on the go. Available in “maple wood” (BSSP12IMA) or “cheery wood” (BSSP12ICW), the speaker produces 2x 0.7 Watt of output power with an 8-Ohm of impedance and a frequency range of 750Hz – 10kHz. The Buffalo portable wooden speaker draws its power from your iPod, so it will decrease your iPod batery life span. Measuring 112mm x 21mm x 142mm and weighing 16grams, the Buffalo wooden iPod speaker retails for 3,090 Yen or around $34 a pop.

Buffalo's Portable Wooden iPod Speaker


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