EFO Rechargeable Mini Loud Speaker

by Stephen on December 14, 2010

Rechargeable mini loud-speaker has been unveiled by EFO. This Black portable speaker is rechargeable and compatible with iPhone, iPod, and other audio devices. It can even be directly connected to a flash drive or a SD card for audio files playback. The loud speaker size is 1.77-inches and it has 4 ohms of magnetic resistance. The frequency response is 150-18000Hz and the output power is 6W RMS. This speaker made from aluminum vibration film weighs 273g with 16cm x 5 cm x 5cm measurements and produce high quality audio reproduction. There are buttons to control the track on the device. The device can be powered by a 5V DC adapter, lithium-ion internal battery and USB port. This device is capable of charging your iPod. [EFO]

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