Apple retools new video iPod

by Jeremiah on April 13, 2006

Next Generation Video iPod

Is it really coming, have the rumors been true? Afraid not. Think Secret speculated back in February that Apple would launch their next generation video iPod around this month following Apple’s 30th birthday. Well the birthday passed quietly without any fanfare. Now they speculate Apple is waiting for the next happy and merry season come Q4. Looks like a few more months of waiting, but it could be worth it:

Apple’s true video iPod intentions will include a wide-screen display spanning the entire front of the iPod with a touch screen interface that is being billed by Apple as a “virtual track wheel.” The larger, widescreen display will deliver an improved video viewing experience and herald the arrival of feature-length movie sales as the iTunes Music Store.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Via Think Secret.

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