Apple iPod 3rd Generation

Apple iPod 3rd Generation
On April 28, 2003, Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduced an “ultrathin” iPod series. Slightly smaller than their predecessors, they had more distinctively beveled edges. Over the life of the third generation iPod series, Apple produced 10 GB, 15 GB, 20 GB, 30 GB, and 40 GB sizes.

These iPods use a 30-pin connector called the Dock Connector — longer and flatter than a FireWire plug. This allows them to fit more easily into the new iPod Dock which Apple introduced at the same time. The iPod Dock came bundled with all but the least expensive iPod, and also retails separately.

The third generation iPod featured touch-sensitive buttons located below the display. The new buttons featured red backlighting (controlled by the same preference as the screen backlight), allowing easier use in darkness. The touch-sensitive buttons, which build upon the touch-sensitive scroll wheel introduced in the second generation iPod, make the third generation iPod unique in that it has no external moving parts (other than the hold slider on the top of the unit) and is the first iPod that doesn’t have its buttons surrounding the wheel.

With the third generation iPod, Apple stopped shipping separate Mac and Windows versions of the unit. Instead, all iPods now shipped with their hard drives formatted for Macintosh use; the included CD-ROM featured a Windows utility which could reformat them for use with a Windows PC. These iPods also introduced Hi-Speed USB connectivity (with a separately sold USB adapter cable. The third generation iPod could not charge through USB 2.0 however).

When purchased through the online Apple Store, the iPod featured custom engraving: a purchaser could have two lines of text laser engraved on the back for free.

Although past models proved widely popular, after the release of the third generation model Apple’s iPod sales skyrocketed, with a combination of effective advertising and celebrity endorsement making iPods a fashionable item.