ACOUZTIC Flashlight And MP3 Player Combo

by Johan on May 31, 2011

ACOUZTIC Flashlight And MP3 Player Combo

The ACOUZTIC by XCEON features a multi-functional Hi-Fi MP3 player with amazing home-theater audio quality, combined with an ultra-bright tactical LED flashlight. The high quality state-of-the-art design makes it the perfect companion for cycling, camping, hiking, rock climbing, fishing or any outdoor activity. The ACOUZTIC has an ultra-bright 170 lumens LED flashlight with five light settings such as Hi, Low, Flash, Disorienting Strobe and SOS. This high quality flashlight can be used as a torch for up to 40-hour straight or play music for up to 70-hour. It is easily mountable onto a bicycle, though you could always carry it around with you like a regular torch light/portable speaker. The Xceon ACOUZTIC is currently available for $139.95 each. [Product Page]

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