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April 2008

iPod Building Block Speakers

by Johan on April 30, 2008

iPod Building Block Speakers

Here is an iPod Building Block speakers from Perpetual Kid. Available in five different colors, the speakers draws power from your iPod. These unique iPod speakers retail for only $24.95 each. [tuaw]

JWD MP3 Player Alarm Clock with Video Support

JWD has unveiled its new MP3 player that comes jam packed with a 2 inch TFT display, an integrated FM radio, alarm clock, built-in speakers, and SD/MMC memory card slot. Available in only 1GB capacity, the player sports MP3, WMA and AVI file formats. The JWD MP3 player retails for $88 each. [ChipChick]

Silhouette iPod Ad

by Gizmo Girl on April 28, 2008

Silhouette iPod Ad

Apple has just released a new silhouette-style iPod ad featuring a song “‘Shut Up and Let Me Go’ by UK band the Ting Tings.” Check out the commercial after the break. [TUAW] Read more

Sigma APO Dual AC To USB Charger

by Johan on April 28, 2008

Sigma Apo Apple iPod Accessory

Sigma APO today announced their AC to USB charger which is able to recharge up to two different devices simultaneously via USB plug. Using this device, you can recharge your Apple iPod and Sony PSP at the same time. [Akihabara]

Goodmans iPod Boombox

by Gizmo Girl on April 22, 2008

Goodman is dishing out a new iPod boombox featuring a pair of speakers, 3-in-1 multicard reader, LED accents, iPod dock and a bundled remote, and lastly an integrated 7-inch LCD display for displaying stored clips and photos. Get yours today for a price of £89.99 ($178). [ChipChick]

Kinyo iPod Cradle Speakers

by Gizmo Girl on April 2, 2008

Kinyo iPod Cradle Speakers

Kinyo will be releasing some iPod cradle speakers. They come in silver, red, blue, and green and charge as well as listen to your iPod tunes which offers you about 2x4W for only $29. [Akihabara]