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November 2006

Nike C.O.R.E. Audio iPod BackPack

by Johan on November 27, 2006

Nike C.O.R.E. Audio iPod BackPack

The C.O.R.E. Audio iPod backpack is Nike’s latest new accessory for the iPod, which features an integrated keypad that lets you control the device when it is safely tucked away in its dock. The backpack also can comfortably store a laptop (or probably a MacBook), because of its padded compartment. Made of D610 Cordura Nylon, this 30-liter backpack is equipped with Apple’s 30-pin connector and is compatible with iPod mini, Nano, photo and the new video version as well. Its pricetag is around US$85.

Via Nike.

Quattro 4 CD Changer with iPod Dock

by Johan on November 25, 2006

Quattro 4 CD Changer with iPod dock

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And now we have the Quattro 4 CD changer. Priced at around US$500, it comes with a universal iPod dock and dual vertical 4-speaker columns which stand tall at 4 feet. Its CD player features four CD drives plus 40-track programming which displays vertically on its stand or horizontally on a shelf or mounted to a wall. You can connect other audio sources via the 3.5mm stereo in plug.

If you need to add life to the sound, you can also buy an optional subwoofer for just US$60. The Quattro 4 CD Changer is currently available at Sharper Image. Find out one more additional pic after the jump!

Via Newlaunches.

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Alcantara iPod Nano & iPod Video Sleeve

by Johan on November 22, 2006

Alcantara MacBook Sleeve

Alcantara has long been used by European luxury auto makers for its sensory comfort. Now you can get the same treatment for your precious MacBook with the Alcantara MacBook Sleeve. Priced at just US$60, it features a tailored fit that won’t lose its shape after washing, and a micro-fiber lining to keep scratches off your laptop. The company is also made sleeves for the MacBook Pro, iPod nano, and iPod video.

Via Alcantara Sleeves.

Buffalo iPod Dock Turns Your iPod Into a Donut

by Johan on November 22, 2006

Buffalo iPod Dock Turns Your iPod Into a Donut

This is the DC02W donut-shaped iPod dock from Buffalo. “The donut” has two 33 watts speakers. It also features an auxiliary input for other devices and a subwoofer output. The DC02W has a bit of an old school feel because of its control buttons look like the first generation iPod buttons. No word on pricing yet.

Via Gizmodo and Akihabaranews.

iBeam Speaker System with iPod Dock

by Johan on November 21, 2006

iBeam Speaker System with iPod dock

Now we have the new iPod dock from Sharper Image, the iBeam Speaker System, that features SRS WOW technology to enhance the audio quality of your system. An integrated Universal Dock charges and plays any iPod model. This iPod dock also features a digital AM/FM tuner with 12 station presets, and a backlit LCD screen. To play iBeam with any other player you can use the auxiliary input cable provided. Plug it to a standard outlet with the AC adaptor provided and charge it. A subwoofer is also available for just US$49.95 to enhance Bass sound. Measuring 5 inches x 18 inches x 4 inches, iBeam Speaker System retails for US$169.95.

Via Sharper Image.

iDisguise – Hide Your iPods in a Unique Way

by Johan on November 2, 2006

iDisguise Safeguards Your iPods in a Unique Way

There is always the fear of losing your precious iPod to the thief round the corner. So you should hide it or pocket it. Using iDisguise to hide your iPod, the thief will never guess that the unsuspecting candy tin actually houses your iPod. The iDisguise seems to be a smart product. The benefit of the case is that it will protect the iPod from drops and scratches, whether in your car, locker, bag, desk, or dorm room. The cases are made of high quality tin metal and lined with a high density EVA foam to securely hold your Nano in place. The finger notch in the foam allows for an easy way to remove the iPod. Some additional cases are in development that will suit other iPod models. The Peppermint and Wintergreen cases are available for US$14.95 at iDisguise.

Via Newlaunches.