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March 2006

Geneva Speakers for Apple iPod

by FreshEffect on March 29, 2006

Geneva Speakers for Apple iPod
Huge speakers with iPod ports is a perfect combination for all you iPod rockers. The 600W XL and 100 W L systems have iPod docks and built-in speakers along with an FM tuner, CD player. They’re available now for $1,075 and $599 for the XL and L. Via Gizmodo.

Numark iDJ2 iPod Mixer

by Mr. Roboto on March 29, 2006

Numark iDJ2 iPod Mixer
This handy tool for DJs allows you to make plenty of hot mixes with your iPod. The Numark iDJ2 allows you to play 2 tracks off your iPod at once. It has pitch control and allows you to record your mixes back to your iPod or USB connection. No word on pricing yet. Info via Uncrate.

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Apple iPod Nano 1 GB

by Mr. Roboto on March 22, 2006

Apple iPod Nano 1 GB
Apple is now selling a 1 GigaByte version of the iPod Nano for $150 US. The single gig version of the Nano gives more people an opportunity to get an iPod without paying several hundred, yet offers plenty of usefulness for on the go. Info via Gizmos for Geeks.

iLuv Battery for iPod Boosts Life to 55 Hours

by Mr. Roboto on March 20, 2006

iLuv Battery for iPod
The new iLuv i604 battery unit can boost the battery life of your Apple iPod to up to 55 hours. It attaches to the bottom of your iPod and boosts the somewhat pathetic battery life dramatically. Info via NewLaunches.

Apple iPhone On The Way?

by Mr. Roboto on March 20, 2006

Apple iPhone
JP Morgan analysts say that Apple will be launching an iTunes compatible, Mp3 playing mobile phone by the end of 2006. Pictured is a conceptual design of the phone and not an actual picture. Info via T3.

RAZER Keyboard with iPod Dock

by FreshEffect on March 16, 2006


RAZER, is known for their gaming mouses, will soon release a new keyboard with an iPod dock. All the standard features – such as programmable keys and USB 2.0 connectivity – should be there. It’s just as functional for work or play and will be priced at around $99. No word yet on availability.

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